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Lavender Lip Balm (Small)
Lavender Lip Balm (Small)
Lavender Lip Balm (Small)

Lavender Lip Balm (Small)

This lip balm is made from sunflower oil that is infused with dried lavender flowers as well as refined shea butter. 

Sunflower oil is known to heal damaged skin while refined shea butter adds to the creaminess of the lip balm. Shea butter is also naturally rich in Vitamins A and E. We also add a little beeswax to bind the oil & butter. Beeswax is also a natural hydrating ingredient that increases much-needed moisture in the skin.

Our lip balms are made in small batches as we do not use any preservatives. Each lip balm comes in a vintage-inspired metal case for easy carrying. 

Sunflower Oil (Lavender infused), Refined Shea Butter, Beeswax, Lavender 

Note: Due to the natural ingredients that are used, the look of the finished product may vary slightly from what is depicted in the pictures. 

I test each batch of lip balm on myself before retailing them. All the ingredients used are natural and wholesome, without synthetics or artificial colourings. I will not responsible for any reaction to any particular ingredient in my products. 

Our lip balms contain beeswax, so if you are allergic to bees, please do not use this product. If you are unsure, please do a patch test before using.

A vegan version without beeswax can be requested separately. Please drop us an email to find out more. 


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